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Since Tyrannogator was partly created to help people overcome challenges, one service that I am now providing is drawing real people as superheroes or another type of fantasy creature alongside Tyrannogator and other characters and featuring them here on the website and on the Spidercade Studios Instagram Page.

How it works: If you would like to appear as a superhero alongside Tyrannogator or another character, first check to see if there are any available slots down below. If there are any available, simply send an appropriate picture of yourself as well as which character(s), if any, you want to appear with to or DM on instagram @spidercadestudios

Send the payment via Cashapp to $SpidercadeStudios

The payment must be received to reserve a slot and a receipt will be sent shortly after the payment is received. All participants must read and agree to the Spidercade Custom Superheroes Contract before sending in their photo.

If no slots are available, simply fill out the waiting list form and I will get back to you as soon as I can once a slot opens.

Turnaround time for a drawing will usually be around three days to a week depending on how many slots are available. The drawing will be sent back to the participant via email or DM and will also be posted on the website here and on the Instagram page if the participant wishes.

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Custom Superheroes: Video


Current available characters to appear with: Tyrannogator, Gatorgon, William, Dr. Ore, Vontorex, Shackles, Crocogon, and Wizzaru. More characters will become available over time as the series progresses.


Appear Solo


Appear with 1 character


Appear with 2 characters

Current Available Slots: 5

Custom Superheroes: Price List


Submit your name and email and I will contact you when a slot opens.

Thank you for your interest! We will contact you when a slot is available.

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