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A small list of a few of the main characters from the comic. More will be added over time.

Series Characters: Featured Work


Tyrannogator is the main protagonist who resides in the present day timeline. He likes helping people in need and hopes to become a big time galactic warrior and make the Netel Safeguard Organization (NSO), a planetary protection force whose job is to protect the planet from extraterrestrial threats. Unfortunately, he continuously gets rejected causing him to always be the underdog and ends up getting drafted to the military instead. As a child, he witnessed his mother, who also had hopes of making the NSO, get killed by a creature that was actually a super human hunter that could transform at will. This is what sparks Tyrannogator’s desire to help people in need and to become a hero and try to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Despite being the underdog and facing rejection constantly, he never gives up and continues to pursue his dreams of making the NSO someday. Though he has good intentions most of the time, he is not without fault as the death of his mother has given him some form of PTSD and caused him to have a strong disliking and somewhat of a hatred towards all humans initially. However befriending William helped him get over this.

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