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Description: This is the sequel to Arachnidoom Nightmare! This game is where Tyrannogator takes the spotlight of the game series. Immediately after the events in the previous game, a weakened Tyrannogator returns back to his home dimension just in time to see his wife get kidnapped by one of his arch-enemies, the evil Dr. Dewey Ore. With his powers operating at a bear minimum due to his fight from the previous game, Tyrannogator embarks on a solo mission to rescue his wife before Dr. Ore dissects her in his latest science experiment. Unlike the first two games which were more Space Invaders style, this game is a side scrolling platformer where Tyrannogator must run to the end of the level in order to complete it. It is also set back in Tyrannogator's universe whereas the first two games are in the human universe.

Zero Hour Rescue!: Featured Work
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