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While Vontorex terrorizes parts of the galaxy, Tyrannogator must come face to face with one of Vontorex's rogue alien minions: Dr. Bill Xorton, an evil, mentally unstable, and demon possessed scientist who has kidnapped two of Tyrannogator's friends and is bent on dissecting them for their DNA in order to create a super soldier body for himself. Now over his hatred of humans, Tyrannogator, after getting beat in a fight against a new rival, must form a team with his friends William and Native American Pastor Wohali in order to hunt down and stop Bill before it's too late. However Tyrannogator knows that fighting a scientist possessed by a literal fallen angel who once rebelled against God won't be easy. This is the beginning of the Vontorex Saga.

This comic is the start of the Vontorex saga and is a standard 32 page comic. Target age range for this book is 12 and up.

Zero Hour Epsilon Force #2

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