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Me and Spidercade


As a kid I loved to draw and make up stories and this carried on with me well into adulthood. One of the few things I was always passionate about was superheroes and I would love watching them on Saturday mornings as kid especially since I grew up without cable. It was then when I knew I wanted to create my comic series someday staring my own original character named Tyrannogator. Though I created Tyrannogator when I was kid, I didn't actually do anything with him or develop him into a full character until much later. I started writing the scripts to the comic in 2015 and drew a few black and white pages by hand. The comics along with the NFTs and other forms of art are drawn on my iPad using a program called Procreate.

After taking a mobile app development class, I decided to make my first mobile game based on the characters and scripts I was writing. This is what started it all when it came to making the mobile games. Although spiders are usually enemies of Tyrannogator, the company name, Spidercade Studios, is a throwback to the very first game I created called Arachnidoom, which is an arcade survival mode game where the user endlessly shoots spiders until they die and see how high they can push their score. Since it is an arcade style game full of spiders (and the very first product I created and was proud of), I combined the two words spider and arcade, hence the name Spidercade.

Although, Arachnidoom was released first (in 2017), it is actually based on the comic because I was writing the scripts to the comic long before I developed the games. All of the characters who appear in the games, are characters who I plan to appear in my comic at some point or another. Though some of them appear much later. While I don't really do software development anymore, the games that are available now (particularly the last two) also play a part in my comic series.

The music for my games was created using GarageBand. Music has always been a part of me since as long as I can remember so creating the songs and different instrumental parts for the different levels came natural to me. While the music isn't perfect, I am pleased with the end result for the most part. I started with music at a young age and my instruments included percussion, bass violin, bass guitar, and piano. While I didn't necessarily continue with music to the same extent when I got older, I figured that I could use what I had learned (or remembered) to help me compose my own songs for the different levels in the games.

Another random fact about me is that, besides art, writing and music, I also love athletics and sometimes compete in powerlifting.