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Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -


A side scrolling platform game just like Zero Hour Rescue! This game is where you shoot zombies until you reach the end of the level. It's the sequel to Zero Hour Rescue! and it's based on the Tyrannogator Zero Hour web comic that I'm creating.

After defeating Dr. Ore in the previous game, Tyrannogator encounters a new enemy, an evil magical wizard, and must rely on his faith in God as well as his superpowers to defeat the wizard and escape an alternate dimension full of zombies.

Story: Millions of years ago, an evil wizard named Wizzaru went on a rampage to conquer the galaxy but was defeated and sealed away by a powerful demi-god. In present day, Wizzaru is accidentally released during a military operation that was created for Tyrannogator and Co to eliminate a mad scientist. Upon his release, Wizzaru sees Tyrannogator and notices that he resembles the demi-god that defeated him all those years ago and immediately sends Tyrannogator to another dimension that's full of space-time tears out of anger. Wizzaru is then approached by the Grim Reaper who tells him it's time to die soon, but Wizzaru not willing to accept this, bargains a deal with a cosmic galaxy eating genie, King Kartezooma, for eternal life in hopes he can escape the Grim Reaper. The deal is that Wizzaru must hand over Tyrannogator so the King can steal his power to use for his own purposes. However it will be awhile before the King can arrive and Wizzaru has to ensure that Tyrannogator remains trapped in the other dimension for it to work. Otherwise, the deal's off. Knowing that Tyrannogator will likely find one of the tears in the other dimension and force his way out, Wizzaru, in an attempt to keep Tyrannogator trapped resurrects zombies within the alternate dimension to keep Tyrannogator busy. Will Tyrannogator escape in time?

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