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I have developed 4 games based on my comic. The one I am most proud of however is the fourth and last game called Zero Hour Dotd! (Dimension of the dead) which is a 2D platformer game. With the exception of Arachnidoom Nightmare!, all the games are currently available for both iOS and Android. The games take place in the VG-23 timeline which is separate from the C-23 timeline that the comics are in. Rescue and Dimension of the Dead are both Platforming games while the  Arachnidoom games are arcade shoot em' up type games. Fun fact here is that most of the art in the Arachnidoom games was made in Microsoft Paint as I didn't have an iPad or Procreate at the time.

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This is the sequel to my previous game, Arachnidoom Nightmare! This game follows the hero named Tyrannogator. Immediately after the events in the previous game, a weakened Tyrannogator returns back to his home dimension just in time to see his wife get kidnapped by one of his arch-enemies, the evil Dr. Dewey Ore. With his powers operating at a bear minimum due to his fight from the previous game, Tyrannogator embarks on a solo mission to rescue his wife before Dr. Ore dissects her in his latest science experiment.

This is my first mobile game made with Unity. It is an action and platform game. I will still push out updates as needed.

Want to be a tester for the games? I will soon be working on updating the games to have a more balanced level difficulty. If you would like to be a tester for this, fill out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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